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I told the Prime Minister to pick me up.

I told the Prime Minister to pick me up.

The OK Social Club - Ring in 2014 with massively addictive indie rock from Edinburgh, Scotland

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks

31 Days of Horror - Day 10



Quarantine does a great job at showing the many different emotions that a small group of people who are trapped in a nightmare can have. Starting off with firefighters and soon followed by a couple of police officers we already have the “good guys” on scene. But that idea quickly disintegrates as things start to get crazy. If you want to see more or maybe want to watch the originial then check out REC, the Spanish movie this is based off of.

31 Days of Horror - Days 8 and 9

Fell behind again so here’s yesterday’s and todays.  

Paranormal Activity

2009 - 2012

I went to see the first one in theaters when it was first released, I had seen previews for it when it was advertised as only for small select theaters, but if you requested it and the city had enough requests then it might come to your city. Of course this was an advertising campaign and they eventually released nationwide anyway. What got me was the reaction from the audience. I thought that these were audiences chosen and told to act like this for the ads. Then I saw it on the big screen. The whole audience became a part of what made the movie great, all screaming and jumping at the same time. I loved it. Watch any of the four for this day as they all are great. But this is an environment movie, so lights off and sound way up.

The Last Exorcism


This movie is half documentary, half found footage, but nonetheless is a great horror film. The Last Exorcism dives deep into religion with a follow up punch of occult. The first one is absolutely amazing, but I do suggest stay away from the second. Maybe watch it to watch once, but don’t have that great of standards.


31 Days of Horror - Day 7

The Blair Witch Project


I think this week I’m going to try and stick to “found footage” as the theme. By friday that may change, we’ll see. Anyway tonight is The Blair Witch Project. Though not the first found footage film, this one is remembered as the first to make it popular. This movie was immensely successful with the cost of $35,000 to make, but made even more so by tapping into a new marketing tool a whole new way, the internet. The Blair Witch was probably the first movie to really harness the power of advertising on the internet. They created a website that started with the fact that this video was real, then to add to the effect they described the creepy myth of the Blair Witch. Even before YouTube, the Blair Witch Project managed to reach ‘virality’ among the audiences everywhere.

31 Days of Horror - Days 5 & 6

So I missed yesterday and I’m even running late today. So I’m just going to put them together.

Day 5

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre



Our next double feature and also Old and New is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you didn’t have a healthy fear for the sound of a chainsaw starting up and being revved, after this movie you should. The movie was banned by some countries as soon as it was released for violence and gore. The funny thing was the director wanted a PG rating (before the time of PG-13) and had cut a bit to help get it, but all they could get was an R. The movie soon became a hit as audiences left disgusted and terrified. Leatherface became a classic icon villain to match that of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.

In 2003 we got the remake and though it was received negative reviews from critics, fans of the original made it a success.

Day 6



To round out our week of classics I chose Poltergeist. There are other great classics and trust me I have plans for them. This movie made me certainly feel that if you walk in a room and nothing but static is on the TV you should turn it off and immediately find something else to do. This movie through many little fears at us that many can relate too, creepy shadows, moving objects, creepy children, and even a clown. The thing is almost everyone has said they’ve had an experience with the paranormal from small objects moving to full out apparitions and this is where the appeal for the movie comes in. Steven Spielberg isn’t exactly known for his horror, but this one definitely makes it to one of the greatest movies ever.

31 Days of Horror - Day 4

Friday the 13th


Friday the thirteenth movie poster.jpg

Today is a double feature. I’m going to try and do this every Friday and Saturday since I have more time. I’m also going to try out old and nee double feature, first watching the original and then the remake. Since its the first Friday and we’re still in a week of classics Friday the 13th was appropriate. In 1980 the original gave a bit of help in creating this new sub-genre of horror, building on the rules that Halloween had set down.Though we’re only watching the first one tonight I believe that one and two should be watched together to get the best experience. In 2009 the movie was re-made to try and match horror movies created today and give Jason a fresh overhaul.

31 Days of Horror - Day 3

Night of the Living Dead



George Romero’s first film and also the one that set him up as the Zombie Master. Before this almost any previous “zombie” movie was about mindless, bumbling, slaves usually created by magic. Night of the Living Dead re-wrote what a zombie is into the flesh-eating creature we see today. Not only did he change the zombie sub-genre but also was a leader in changing horror as a whole by incorporating more gruesome death scenes than audiences had ever seen before. Every zombie fan should make a point to see this movie to pay their respects to the King of Zombies.


31 Days of Horror - Day 2



Oh Stephen King, how you’ve affected the horror genre. His novels have been adapted time and again to the big screen, many flops and some that have become timeless hits. His first novel and also first film adaptation is oh so obviously the latter. The overall story is classic, one girl is outcasted, teased, and mentally tortured by her peers, especially the popular clique. But with Carrie is so much more intense and terrible. A rare movie where you love the villain and hate the victims and that’s how it’s meant to be.